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Satellite #2

"Durighello's painting strongly asserts its assonance with reality and seeks it in a relationship of continuous exchange of dimensional scale, beyond the limits of the canvas. We witness a game of identities and ambiguities, of specular reflections, and continuous jumps from one image to another up to the objectual drift: Durighello appropriates everyday objects - for example mirrors or television dishes - which become the basis for a consideration of the very essence of the image and its fruition. This her painting, made up of rigorous geometries and composite colour fields, is realised in the encounter with the object that enlivens it and makes it vibrant. At the centre of the exhibition hall, the work "Satellite #2" takes this act of hybridisation between image and real object to its extreme consequences, materialising in an installation whose outline recalls that of a house. The canvas is projected into real space and contaminated with found objects, becoming a dynamic and multifaceted element. The painter seeks a more direct interaction with the viewer and her deeper emotional involvement, achieved through the three-dimensionality of the work."

Extract from Press release, text by Leonardo Regano

Satellite #2, Mixed media installation,
145 x 220 x 340 cm, 2023

Installation view at Labs Gallery, Bologna, IT 2023