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Loop the loop, Sparc* Spazio arte contemporanea, Venice, 2023

In this exhibition, painting speaks to painting itself by overcoming the protest between abstraction and the figurative, placing itself in direct relation with a language that implements a new process of incomprehensibility, marked by the celebration of forms that mean something regardless of their origin or provenance. Each work, despite its harmony and specificity, is linked to every other work exhibited by a pictorial re-appropriation beyond the symbolic or representative aspect, in the name of an art that has abandoned a semantic logic but prefers the unstoppable flow of ideal codes and forms. In Noemi’s painting, the figurative origin of visual stimuli can often be traced. However, her research proceeds more subterraneously: bringing real objects to the canvas they become outlines, gaining a status of pure form. The insertion of figurative fragments dissolves into an ‘internal grammar’ of pictorial language, producing autonomous shifts, fields of forms and forces, as is usual in abstract painting. We thus seem to witness a curvature that brings its generative grammar to entwine itself with the visual stimuli of reality, in a loop that holds them together by caressing their contours.

Elisa Mossa, Francesca Giubilei, Luca Berta